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The development and introduction of the Sean Simms swivel set, and Beast disgorger – more wooden and eco-friendly products to add to the range​


The first fish unhooked using a Sean Simms disgorger, caught by Sean himself on the River Test, a stunning 1lb 11oz perch landed in late December 2015


Sean Simms


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Instagram account following hit 3k followers

An Instagram account was set up to showcase some of the lovely images that had been taken of these beautiful products. Soon enough the angling community took notice and 3,000 followers was achieved in under 4 months

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Est. 2014

Sean Simms Fishing Tackle started with a simple idea, to make a single piece of tackle for personal use from wood instead of plastic. Today the brand has an important message and ethos – showing that fishing tackle that can be environmentally friendly, sustainable, affordable, and beautiful – here is how it all happened...

Packaging and website created

The products started selling really well, with customers from all backgrounds, ages, and gender, located all over the UK. It was time to step it up – a decision was made to create some professionally designed packaging, and a website to advertise these brand new eco-friendly products​


"A sustainable future for fishing tackle..."

Back to the drawing board!

The disgorgers were well received by friends and family, with the material being the centre of praise, however a few more tweaks to the design were needed to make them go from being a good tool, to an exceptional tool. Another few weeks passed with adjustments and trialing, then finally the product was perfect

Selling on Amazon

With such good feedback about the products, and having used them himself, it was time to see if other anglers would be interested in the products. Sean placed Amazon listings for the disgorgers and loop tyers


The loop tyer

With the disgorgers now finalised, it was time to work on a new project, another angling tool that could be made from natural materials like wood and metal. The loop tyer materialised from a combination of iroko and stainless steel dowels, making something both strong and attractive



Thank you for taking the time to read our story, we hope that you can be part of it

The first disgorger...

Nice try, but this first disgorger wasn't the prettiest!


Website revamped and updated

With the products looking great and selling well, and the brand able to ensure that all practices were sustainable and kind to the environment, an investment was made to showcase all of this hard work with a shiny new website, including this timeline of how we have evolved over the last few years.​​ We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our story!


Flagship product released

The Sean Simms fishing set was released, the first luxury coarse fishing set with a really strong environmentally-friendly message

Packaging upgrade

Although the product packaging was made from the thinnest plastic on the market, it still didn't feel right to have any plastic involved in any part of the product or brand, so an investment was made to move to 100% recyclable and biodegradable product packaging, including the shipping materials – a combination of paper, card, jute twine, and hay



The first item was sold via Amazon, a loop tyer bought by a

gentleman based in Hampshire. 



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23rd September 2015

After receiving an order of handmade fishing floats to give to his Dad as a birthday present, beautifully crafted from wood, Sean's idea was born...

More disgorgers...

Time to share these with fishing friends to see if they actually worked