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'From the very first page you will notice Sean's attention to detail in his drawings. They're not only accurate, and appealing to the eye, but they'll have you drawn in, and anticipating what will be on the next page. With a flourish of aquatic critters, and cheeky little jokes, this colouring book really is for all ages.'

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Sean with a specimen barbel taken on the River Avon near Stratford

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Fishing Under the Surface


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This publication was designed with the ambition to entertain and engage the vast population of anglers in the UK. Individuals from a multitude of backgrounds can appreciate the amusing scenes on every spread, sharing the illustrators vision of bringing these very simple fishy characters to life. Some of the images that appear in the book were created for a more pressing purpose, provoking thought when considering threatened habitats and to understand the need to care for and protect our subterranean friends. Educating, engaging, and inspiring is an important topic when considering future generations of anglers – this  is why this publication is printed in black and white and offered with free coloured pencils so that it can be used as a tool to engage young people. The hook is the choice to colour in all of the wonderful species depicted, learning more about the magical world of fishing. 

We hope you enjoy all of the fun scenes in the book and get a kick out of the underwater characters. If you have a young person in your life we encourage you to sit down, colouring

pencils in hand, and enjoy this book – who knows, it could be the start of

a lifelong passion for angling...

A note from the author...

Fishing enthusiast is an understatement when you ask me about my relationship with angling – I would actually describe myself as totally addicted to the sport. When I am not on the bank my spare time is filled with writing about fishing, drawing fish, and even creating handmade wooden fishing tackle. A family tradition passed down several generations, I began fishing at the age of four with my father – after catching my first fish (a small gudgeon on the Oxford canal) it was apparent that fishing was going to be a huge part of my life. After leaving school I decided that I wanted to work towards a career in publishing so I studied an undergraduate degree in English Language, then a Masters degree in Digital Publishing. This education enabled me to learn a great deal about content and delivery, which in turn enabled me to create this, my very first fishing book. I hope that anyone who chooses to purchase this publication gets a kick out of my vision of fishing from the perspective of those wonderful creatures that we love to catch, I also hope that this book can be used to inspire a new generation of young people, captivated at an early age just as I was. 

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Fishing Under the Surface


This paperback is 32 pages of cover-to-cover fishing complete with quirky scenes, witty captions, and fun characters. All fish were originally hand drawn specifically for this publication then carefully digitised to create a colouring book for you to pass on to your children to enjoy. Above is an interactive sneak preview of a couple of these spreads which we hope will give you a small taster of what this publication is all about!

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