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Baiting set

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Case contains: Walnut disgorger, oak disgorger, velvet presentation pouch, cord, loop tyer, Beast disgorger​, fold-away scissors, jar of small swivels (size 8) x 20, jar of medium swivels (size 6) x 15, jar of large swivels (size 4) x 10, jar of clip swivels x 10 (exclusively available only as part of this set)

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Fishing set

This baiting set offers the specimen hunter something a bit special, a luxury item that is good looking, neat, effective, and stored in a compact presentation box. The green lining and the oak stained wood matches that of the coarse fishing set (above) however the box less than half the size, nice and compact, but offering those all-important tools to present your baits accurately. The set includes two beech handles that have a female screw-in at one end, and a brass eye and split ring at the other (to be looped on to the free cord provided). The four baiting implements have a male screw so that you can easily change which devices you wish to use, with two handles that you can have ready to use at any one time. Each implement includes two rubber washers (one spare on each) so that screwing in and out of the handles is easy, and no risk of locking. A perfect gift for the specimen angler looking for something cheaper than the fishing set, with just as much luxury.

Case contains: 2 x stainless steel & wood day session bobbins

The day session bobbin set originated when a keen specimen angler commented on an Instagram post suggesting that wood would be a nice material to use to create a bobbin. A sample was created as a bit of a novelty, but when actually taking it out on the bank and using it, it brightened up the rod pod with a really classic look. This set of two bobbins is created using quality stainless steel with a sanded and stained beech wood finish. The chain is looped and is of much higher quality that the usual beaded ones. As shown by the image, this set of two bobbins comes in a small presentation box that has been carefully lines with green material. The size of the box matches the size of the bobbins exactly and was designed to keep your bobbins neat and tidy. On the accessories page you will also find a set of handmade oak rod rests that can also be used in conjunction withe these bobbins to make your rod pod really stand out...

Sean Simms fishing sets are luxury items that showcase the entire ethos of the brand, showing that angling products can be one of a kind, environmentally friendly, sustainable, attractive, fit for purpose, and treasured. The ultimate goal that Sean Simms has with this product is to show anglers that we don't always have to use plastics... hopefully one day this will inspire other tackle suppliers to make better choices on the materials they use.

The Sean Simms fishing set is the flagship product in this range of fishing tackle. Not only does it include almost all products together in one set, it is presented in a stunning clear lid box lined with soft green material complete with matching green elastic to hold all products in place. This set is the culmination of many years hard work of designing (and re-designing) products to be beautiful, effective, but also environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Although there are a whole host of high-end fly fishing sets available for purchase, this would appear to be one of the only luxury coarse fishing sets on the market today. With the sheer volume of coarse anglers in the UK it made sense to offer something elegant, ideal as a gift. This product makes a clear statement – coarse fishing tackle can be beautiful, effective, and environmentally-friendly.

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Case contains: 2 x beech wood handles, cord, interchangeable; baiting needle, bait drill, gated needle, stringer needle.