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Working as a freelance writer, editor and designer based in the heart of Oxfordshire, I started my academic career reading English Language and Publishing as a lowly undergraduate deep in the Cotswolds. As my passion for content creation developed, I made the decision to stay in education and navigated to Oxford to work towards a Masters Degree in Digital Publishing at the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies. Throughout these years of study I managed to gain a high standard of professional skills in writing, editorial and design while simultaneously understanding the importance of content delivery and digital developments in the publishing sector. 

Since graduating I have been lucky enough to build up a portfolio of professional work for some extremely inspirational organisations, enabling me to combine both a career and a passion. Sometimes you can create a superb piece of writing, but if it is not edited to meet the requirements of your demographic, or placed in a poorly designed coating, the content can become redundant. This is why I make sure that my work is rigorously edited to meet the needs of the consumer and request information on how the text is going to be delivered – making sure the content is professionally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Being given the opportunity to create copy for a living is a great privilege, that is why I always strive to make sure my work lives up to, and exceeds, expectations by working closely with clients and listening to their specific needs.

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