The fishing towel (or rag) is one of those items that is a must for anglers – once you have experienced the slime from a large snotty bream, or just mixed up a few KG's of roach groundbait, you know the drill. The Sean Simms fishing towel is offered in an attractive forest green (to match the fishing sets) complete with a beautifully embroidered logo. An additional to this is a grommet in the top left corner of the towel and a hook so you can attach your rag to your seat or box so that there is no risk of it blowing in on those windy days. The ringspun cotton has a more luxurious feel than your average towel and is super absorbent – just what is needed when you are bagging up and feeding heavily. With a length of 50cm and a width of 30cm, the towel is large enough to keep your hands clean and dry all day, but small enough to be folded up small so it does not take up vital room in your tackle box or bag. When you purchase a towel you will also be gifted a free handmade keyring, made from aged oak with an antique brass ring and clip – an attractive and useful item that could keep a small set of keys afloat should you drop them into the water.

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Loop tyer

Contains: Jar of small swivels (size 8) x 20, jar of medium swivels (size 6) x 15, jar of large swivels (size 4) x 10

Sean Simms loop tyers appear simple, yet the product is probably the most carefully designed of all products in the range. There are several kinds of loop tyers on the market in various shapes and colours, but almost all of them are made from plastics. The idea with this product was to provide something that works perfectly, but also feels nice to hold and looks spectacular. After testing many types of wood, the chosen material was iroko. As you can see from the image below, when sanded this reveals a stunning patter on the wood as well a a very satisfyingly smooth finish to touch. Each loop tyer has it's own pattern – a bit like a fingerprints they are all different – but equally as beautiful. 

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"A sustainable future for fishing tackle..."

The accessories in this range are in-keeping with the other products, considering the environment and making the most of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, like various types of quality hardwood, metals, and glass.  

Sean Simms swivels are available in a set of three with sizes small, medium, and large. In terms of classic sizes this equates to sizes 8, 6 and 4. The swivels themselves are standard and can be used for a variety of fishing set-ups, however the difference with this product rests with the presentation and packaging. The glass jars used to hold the swivels have been created so that the packaging can be either re-used or recycled. Additionally, the narrow neck of the bottle reduces swivels spilling out if knocked over, yet a simple shake deliver only one or two at a time when extracting them from the bottle. As mentioned, the general ethos of the brand is around sustainability and environmentally friendly products that look great. Although the actual swivels themselves are no different from other on the market, the glass jars are a stunning way to present and store them, and have the added bonus of being recyclable after use. You might be interested to know the cork stopper can also be re-used... if you fancy getting technical and want to pop a bait up off the bottom!

The fishing towel is Approx. 50 X 30cm and comes with e FREE keyring handmade from aged oak

Swivel set


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Fishing towel + FREE Keyring

Makes a loop approx. 1cm, can also be looped on to a cord via split ring