2oz hip flask in card presentation box. Approx. 7cm x 7cm x 2cm

The fishing towel (or rag) is one of those items that is a must for anglers – once you have experienced the slime of a large snotty bream or tench, or just mixed up a few KG's of roach groundbait, you'll know what I mean! The Sean Simms fishing towel is offered in an attractive forest green (to match the fishing sets). There is a grommet in the top left corner of the towel and a hook so you can attach your rag to your seat so that there is no risk of it blowing in to the water on those windy days. The ringspun cotton has a more luxurious feel than your average towel and is super absorbent – just what is needed when you are bagging up and feeding heavily. With a length of 50cm and a width of 30cm, the towel is large enough to keep your hands clean and dry all day, but small enough to be folded up so it does not take up vital room in your tackle box or bag. When you purchase a towel you will also be gifted a free Sean Simms Fishing Tackle roving capsule, a small keyring-sized screw-top vessle that can be used to carry a few bits of terminal tackle (like hooks and shot), when going off for a little rove away from your gear. The roving capsule can also be threaded on to a cord, like many of the products in the range, to be worn around the neck.


Sean Simms

Loop tyer

Contains: Jar of small swivels (size 8) x 20, jar of medium swivels (size 6) x 15, jar of large swivels (size 4) x 10


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Sean Simms Fishing Tackle loop tyers appear simple, yet this is probably the most carefully designed of all products in the range. There are several kinds of loop tyers on the market in various shapes and colours, but almost all of them are made from plastics. The idea with this product was to provide something that works perfectly, but also feels nice to hold and looks spectacular. After testing many types of wood, the chosen material was iroko. As you can see from the image to the left, when sanded this reveals a stunning pattern on the wood as well a a very satisfyingly smooth finish to touch. Each loop tyer has it's own pattern – a bit like fingerprints, each one is unique!

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As a part time specimen angler, my confidence in handling large fish can at times be a little nerve-wracking. This weigh sling adapter was designed to reduce the amount of time a specimen needs to be picked up and moved, potentially untouched from capture to release unless being held for a picture. This contraption is designed to slip over a standard net when removed from the spreader block, wrapping around the net arms. This enables the fish to be netted; carried in the net to the cradle or mat; weighed; and returned, all while residing in the net. Perhaps the seasoned angler may have a system where moving the carp from net to sling is seamless, or perhaps a pair of cradles used to transfer the fish from net to sling.... however, this simple strap gives the angler the chance to remove any anxiety around transferring fish, so you can solely practice the art of picking your new PB up for a quick picture before being returned to the deep. The weigh sling adapter is available in olive green, the specimen anglers' go-to shade of fishing!

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Sean Simms Fishing Tackle rod rests are fitted with a universal metal fishing thread, rubber o-ring, and come in a hessian presentation bag

Rod rests

Mini hip flask

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The accessories in this range are in-keeping with the other products, considering the environment and making the most of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, like various types of quality hardwood, metals, and glass.  

The Sean Simms Fishing Tackle weigh sling adapter comes in olive green

This small stainless steel hip flask is ideal for your winter sessions where a sip of something nice can keep the blood pumping and those angling skills sharp. Whether your tipple is a nice aged whiskey, a home-made sloe gin from last winter, or something a little more exotic, this 2oz flask is a must-have for those roving days wondering along the riverbank. This miniature, but perfectly formed, product is easily carried and barely noticed, thus avoiding yet another bulky pocket item that can hinder a strike or clatter your rods. The 2oz capacity of the flask equates to approximately two UK shots and has a hinged lid so that you can't lose the top!

Please note, if you are driving to your fishing location you should not be drinking alcohol, so this is best saved for; 1. when you are a passenger, 2. not required to drive to and from your fishing spot, 3. for home use!

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Sean Simms Fishing Tackle swivels are available in a set of three, with sizes small, medium, and large. In terms of classic sizes this equates to sizes 8, 6 and 4. The swivels themselves are standard and can be used for a variety of fishing set-ups, however the difference with this product rests with the presentation and packaging. The glass jars used to hold the swivels have been created so that the packaging can be either re-used or recycled. Additionally, the narrow neck of the bottle reduces swivels spilling out if knocked over (a simple shake delivers only one or two at a time when extracting them from the bottle). As mentioned, the general ethos of the brand is around sustainability and environmentally friendly products that look great. Although the actual swivels themselves are no different from others on the market, the glass jars are a stunning way to present and store them, and have the added bonus of being recyclable after use. You might be interested to know the cork stopper can also be re-used... if you fancy getting technical and want to pop a bait up off the bottom!

The fishing towel is Approx. 50cm X 30cm and comes with a FREE roving capsule

Knot pic

Swivel set


Sean Simms Fishing Tackle knot pics come with an attached split ring


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Fishing towel + FREE Roving capsule

Makes a loop approx. 1cm, can also be looped on to a cord via split ring

Finding the right rod rest can be a really tricky task, you want something sturdy enough to hold those ferocious bites, but also delicate enough that it doesn't damage your rod. Sean Simms Fishing Tackle rod rests are crafted with oak as the base material and sanded in to a shape that carefully cradles the fishing rod, but not so much that it hinders the strike. The sanded, rounded edges mean that rods can glide with ease with no risk of scratching the carbon, as well as a carefully placed groove so that your line can still run freely should you be using a baitrunner. The fishing thread is made from strong metal and is the universally recognised size for fishing so that it can be screwed on to standard fishing banksticks. All rod rests are coated in several layers of varnish to protect against weather (and maintain a smooth finish) and come in a hessian presentation bag to offer an extra layer of protection when not in use. There are two varieties of rod rest on offer, the standard single rod rest for your feeder and waggler fishing needs, and the set of two designed for specimen fishing as butt rests to sit behind your alarms. All dimensions are given on the sales page to ensure they are the right fit for your rod. 

Weigh sling adapter

Another key item for the tackle box, the knot pic can help you get out of those horrible birds nest tangles and back in the water ASAP (especially under time-pressure when match fishing). The Sean Simms Fishing Tackle knot pic is a clever little contraption that packs away in it's own case handle when not in use (for protection of the user and the fine needle point). It has also been designed with a curved end, for added safety. The split ring also enables the user to attach the knot pic to a cord or any other fishing gadgets to keep them together. Essentially, this gadget does exactly what it says on the tin – it pics knots!