Amazon Feedback (June 2018) Disgorger Set ★★★★☆

'Works very well made good present for my good friend'


'Really made my day  ☺ The promise of going 100% plastic free  ♻ was enough of a gift for me... The actual gift was the cherry  🍒 on the cake  🎂'

''Now everyone in the group order at least one thing from this guy.'

Sean Simms

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Instagram feedback (August 2018)

'I just wanted to say how pleased I am to see fishing tackle being produced and sold with greater consideration for the resources and environmental impact of the products. Anglers often claim to be environmentalists, but the tackle industry has never really embraced a sustainable approach to business. I hope you enjoy many years of successful trade.'

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Amazon Feedback (December 2019) ★★★★★

'Have bought a few of these items as Xmas gifts and the quality is second to none. Beautifully made and so much care taken to the attention to detail. If you are thinking of buying a disgorger set, don’t buy the plastic ones, this set will last you a lifetime and they make a beautiful gift for any fisherman young or old....well done Sean and thank you again.'

Instagram feedback (December 2018)

'The package turned up today and all I can say is WOW! I love everything about it, the recyclable packaging, the quality of the products and packaging is amazing, my boy is going to absolutely love them, thank you so much!! Hats off to you!!!

'I think it's amazing stuff and I love your passion and how traditional it all looks... even my wife loves your stuff! There is nothing else like it on the market'


Instagram and Facebook feedback (August 2018)

Sean got in touch via Instagram, then kindly shared the company website with a Facebook group created to recognise the amount of plastic used in the tackle trade with a view to reducing this to save the environment. For this act of kindness I sent Sean a free Beast disgorger, which he then kindly shared again with the group. The feedback from this group of several thousand anglers was very positive, and actually a contributor to the company becoming even more green by switching all packaging to be 100% biodegradable and recyclable. So many thanks to Sean and this Facebook group for contributing to the development of the Sean Simms Fishing Tackle brand and sustainable ethos - great work!​


Feedback via email (September 2018)

'I tried the Beast disgorger out you sent me a few back on a 20lb common and it works a treat'

(July 2020)

"A sustainable future for fishing tackle..."

(March 2022)


​Amazon Feedback (July 2018) Disgorger Set​ ★★★★★

'It's not plastic'


Amazon Feedback (January 2019) Fishing Set ★★★★★

​​The perfect gift for any angler!!

'A beautifully presented box of goodies that any angler will enjoy. Add to that they are hand crafted and sustainably sourced you cannot go wrong. Everything included is useful and well finished, my personal favourite being the small jars of swivels with the cork tops, very nostalgic! It’s also a very practical set. The large disgorger looks impractical but believe me when you’re trying to unhook a feisty chub in freezing conditions with wet cold hands on the side of a river bank, you will appreciate the quality of this item and the ease it unhooks. It’s also so reasonably priced it’s a steal. I hope to see more quality products......'

'That's how to win my business!'


Amazon Feedback (October 2018) Disgorger Set ★★★★★

​​An excellent gift for any angler. An outstanding, quality natural product. A must for all anglers!

'In times of mass produced rubbish it’s so nice to find someone who cares about quality Angling products. I bought these disgorgers as I’m fed up with poor quality plastic ones and they are beautiful. From a fish welfare point of view they are hand finished so no worries about them getting stuck on the line. The finish on both is excellent and they come with a pouch and a long cord. The cord is perfect for round your neck as you will not want to lose these! Really handy for when fishing as they are to hand. The perfect gift for any angler. You will not regret this purchase. Also thank you Sean for making these products, the excellent eco-friendly packaging and the personal touch! Tight lines to you too.'

★★★★★  |  100% positive lifetime (10 total ratings)

Des Taylor Angling Times
Angling Times article (July 2018)

'...well-made disgorgers, a loop tyer and a bait drill, but using wood instead of plastic for the body parts... They will be put in my tackle den for safe keeping. Thanks young Sean!'

Instagram feedback (July 2018)

'I have a set of these, great idea of wood.'

Customer feedback has played a huge part in the development of the Sean Simms Fishing Tackle  brand and development. It is important too the company that customers are 100% happy with their products, as well as being happy with the processes involved in creating the items and the delivery of these. With a huge focus on being a sustainable and environmentally friendly tackle supplier, it is essential that people share their views on what they think can be improved and how we can evolve to create the best products in the most ethical fashion. Please see a selection of comments below on the products and the brand.

Richard Howard Angler's Mail
Angler's Mail article (November 2019)

'You get top marks from me, Sean, as the industry desperately needs to start looking at ways of reducing plastic. These would make a great present for someone'

To read the full review please follow this LINK to the Angler's Mail website


Amazon Feedback on Seller (December 2018) Baiting Set ★★★★★

'Amazing product, perfectly packaged using recyclable materials, definitely recommend to anyone A1+++++++++*****'


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Website contact (August 2018)

​'Just came across these, and have to say WOW, amazing craftsmanship. I will look at putting an order in soon.'


Feedback via Facebook (August 2018)

'I had a look at his website expecting a loop tyer to be about an Ayrton Senna, £3, not bad all things considered!  😉 🎣'


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