Sean Simms accessories

...were developed with a view to see what other tackle necessities could be engineered from eco-friendly materials. The Sean Simms loop tyer (pictured left) is a premium example of a beautiful angling accessory made from iroko wood and stainless steel, offering the angler something a little more attractive than mass-produced plastic (at a very reasonable and competitive price). We also consider the impact of one-use plastics in the angling trade and decided that we would offer a swivel set (no different to others on the market) but package them in glass bottles, so that once finished you can recycle the glass (more information on the accessories page).

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Ethos & sustainability

As you have probably guessed from the content of this site, we are really in to sustainability and being as eco-friendly as possible. The original idea was to replace plastic products with wooden alternatives, just to do our bit for the environment, however as the brand developed we realised that product (and delivery) packaging also has a large impact. We have made it our goal to invest as much as we can in doing things right, and hopefully showing the tackle trade that it is possible to: 1. Use kinder, sustainable materials in the manufacturing process; 2. Create packaging that can be recycled, and; 3. Deliver products safely to the customer using recyclable and biodegradable materials. We are only a small company, but we really believe that even small changes can make a huge difference...

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Est. 2014

​​​Sean Simms Fishing Tackle began life in a humble workshop in rural Oxfordshire – the brainchild of a keen angler trying to design and engineer angling accessories that would be fit for purpose, durable, desirable, treasured, and most of all, environmentally friendly. After years of testing and adjustments and a lot of the tackle trialed by friends and anglers alike, in 2017 Sean Simms Fishing Tackle turned from an experimental idea to a successfully producing tackle supplier.​ The ethos of the brand is a push towards environmentally friendly fishing tackle products  with sustainable base materials and 100% recyclable/biodegradable packaging to replace the usual plastics. Additionally, materials are sourced in the UK, so you can rest assured your products' production was kind to the environment and the natural materials used are no threat to the beautiful creatures of the countryside.

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Sean Simms disgorgers 

...are the only wooden unhooking devices on the market in the UK for the coarse and specimen angler. After extensive testing and refining, feedback strongly suggested that the angling community would welcome these wooden disgorgers. The ethos of the brand is to provide products that are individually crafted (not mass produced) with only the best wood that has been delicately sanded, and coated in several layers of strong varnish. It is important to Sean that the items be treasured by the owner for many, many years of reliable and effective use, while simultaneously fulfilling the environmental need to offer sustainable and eco-friendly tackle alternatives.

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Sean Simms fishing sets

...are a culmination of all things luxury, from the products themselves to the immaculate high-end presentation. Looking at the market, there was an abundance of lavish fly fishing sets, but nothing as luxurious for the coarse angler. We decided to create a fishing set (pictured right) with all of our products, making an ideal birthday or Christmas gift. Additionally, we have also released the Sean Simms baiting set and day session bobbin set, ideal for the specimen hunter looking for a beautiful wooden pieces of fishing tackle. Please see our​ gallery for more pictures of the products and our fishing sets.

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Postage and packaging

It's all to easy to offer an environmentally friendly product then forget that delivery packaging has an even bigger impact on the environment – with usual culprits such as bubble wrap and polystyrene. At Sean Simms Fishing Tackle we package our products in recyclable brown paper and card as well as biodegradable packaging tape  – strong and trustworthy materials that are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. For the fishing sets, instead of using plastic wadding to ensure safe delivery, we use hay (no different to what you might find in a rabbit hutch) – which is cheap, effective, and biodegradable.

Product packaging

Caring for the environment and sustainability is very important to the Sean Simms brand, that is why we are committed to ensuring we are 100% on message. All of our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, made from a mixture of card and jute twine, inexpensive, yet very attractive and robust materials. We think our packaging is elegant and it does the job well, proving that you can still maintain the good looks of classic packaging while also being kind to the environment. See below for a few items in the range in their packaging!